Limited are the gems we cherish. A “limited edition” hence a limited emission.

ferroni leather tiles

The direct result of the continuous search for innovative solutions.

This quest remains a major challenge for us. Despite the rapidly changing trends for the interior, leather is undoubtedly a timeless material. You won’t tire of leather easily. It has the unique quality of becoming more beautiful as it ages and as you are working with a 100% natural material, no two pieces of leather are really the same. However, We always manages to literally add a new dimension to the processing of the skin. We do this through continuous innovation in, for example, the coloring process, but also in the application of reliefs or by using a surprising laying pattern or size. Sometimes at the request of designers, but sometimes also based on our own expertise and the need for new products.


A leather mini-tile with a grand appearance!

An extremely nice use of leather tiles in an unparalleled color pattern. The tiles measure 3 x 3 cm and have slightly rounded corners. A surprising variation on our familiar leather tile, but with a special chic and unique look.


The sky isn’t the limit!

Like no other item in our collection, Hypernova represents the result of the never-ending search for innovation and renewal. A mix of colors, metallics and wax layers has resulted in such a surprising and impressive result that it cannot be compared with any predecessor in the series.