Acoustic Broom

Acoustic Broom characteristics

Glued directly to the architectural wall:

  • αw  (ISO 11654) = 0,35 (MH)
  • SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0,57

Hung on a French cleat: (18 mm, directly attached to the wall)

  • αw  (ISO 11654) = 0,55 (MH)
  • SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0,70

Acoustic Broom applications

  • floors

  • walls

  • stairs

  • doors

  • kitchens

  • furniture

  • fireplaces

  • area rugs

Acoustic Broom specifications

  • Rounded MDF slats covered with soft leather
  • Slats are attached to Pet Felt
  • Standard panel: 600 x 2400 mm
  • Panel thickness (without a French cleat): 29 mm

Acoustic Broom Samples & Colors


Acoustic Broom is available in the following types of leather


Elegant. Very soft and cuddly skins. Uniform in color.


Elegant. Very soft and cuddly skins. Even in color


Chic. Very soft leather. Fine structure. Very colourfast.

Acoustic Broom Lookbook

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