Acoustic Barr

Acoustic Barr characteristics

Glued directly to the architectural wall:

  • aw (ISO 11654) = 0,35 (MH)
  • SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0,58

Hung on a French cleat: (11 mm, directly attached to the wall)

  • aw (ISO 11654) = 0,55 (MH)
  • SAA (ASTM – C423) = 0,70

Acoustic Barr applications

  • floors

  • walls

  • stairs

  • doors

  • kitchens

  • furniture

  • fireplaces

  • area rugs

Acoustic Barr specifications

  • Flat MDF slats covered with (harness) leather
  • Slats are attached to Pet Felt
  • Standard panel: 600 x 2400 mm
  • Panel thickness (without a French cleat): 29 mm

Acoustic Barr Samples & Colors


Acoustic Barr is available in the following types of leather


Sturdy, matte. Lots of color shades. Small scratches give a natural well-aged effect.


Sturdy and chic. Color contrast. Shiny


Sturdy and smooth. Light color nuances between the different skins, creating a nice contrast when tiles are cut separately.

Acoustic Barr Lookbook

ferroni leather tiles
ferroni leather tiles